VitalARC Services

Why VitalARC?


  In this era of disruption, VitalARC believes there are many nuances in shaping culture, building self-awareness and developing professionally that must not be ignored. 

VitalARC provides comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities and delivers customized learning opportunities to yield the very best results. 

Organizational Culture Assessment


 VitalARC recommends the critical process of conducting an assessment for an organization prior to starting the journey of cultural transformation.   Assessing will unearth current state realities and provide a foundation for the development of an innovative change process. 

Mission, Vision and Value Workshops


Building a solid foundation for any new organization requires

 in-depth reflection to clearly communicate its Mission, Vision and Values.  Well established organizations will  undergo disruption periodically, requiring a review of the vision and strategy. Through our guided interactive facilitation process  businesses can re-set, revitalize and ensure organizational alignment.

Learning and Development Tools for Leaders, Teams and Individuals


 Building and Shaping Culture

Leadership Development for Emerging Leaders

Human Resources Management for Leaders

Non-profit Leadership Tools

Team Building

Strategic Thinking/Critical Thinking Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Behavioral Awareness and Styles

Maximizing Energy and Wellness

Professional Coaching for Higher Performance

Youth Development and Career Preparedness

Motivational Mini-Speeches, Intimate Small Group Interventions and Keynote Engagements


 *All Services are customized to the organization, group, team or individual needs.